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More on coconut oil…

The visits on the article that I had re blogged on coconut oil were enough in numbers that there is obviously an interest in the topic. I decided to quickly share a few other, even more informative sites.

I have always enjoyed drinking coconut milk and cooking with it, but I just recently started using the oil. My kids and I really enjoy breaking a coconut and eating it fresh. Ever since we had one on the beach in the Bahamas five years ago it became something we like doing together. Of course the coconuts we buy here are not as fresh as that day on the beach…but better than out of a bag!

coconut picture by Suat Eman (click on image to visit the site)

Annie’s Remedy is a another site with some information on coconut oil, it’s uses and benefits.

Organic Facts also has an article on coconut oil. This article has more detail, and refers to another site with even more scientific data. So, if you are someone like me that like to do some research before trying something new….check it out.

If you want even more uses for coconut oil visit Coconut Research Centre.

6 Healthy Uses for Coconut Oil

I chose to re-blog this article on coconut oil. I just had to share these ideas. Read through and you will find out why. I have tried all of the ideas!

Dry skin, a paper cut, maybe even a tummy ache? Try a drop of coconut oil. Offering a myriad of health benefits, coconut oil is affordable, readily available and completely natural. Here are six reasons to give it a try:

1. Skin Care: Wanna look like you just came back from an hour of yoga? Coconut oil works wonders as a moisturizer for all skin types, especially dry skin and aging skin, leaving you refreshed and looking wide-awake. No head stand required! The fat in the oil helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles without any irritation. Coconut oil can also help with skin problems like psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin conditions. In fact, the oil is frequently used in expensive skin care products. Try our easy, inexpensive recipe for a great honey and coconut oil moisturizer.

2. Stress Relief: Long day at the office, kids won’t stop screaming and your dog left a little “present” on your vintage bedspread? Relieve mental fatigue by applying coconut oil to the head in a circular, massaging motion. The natural aroma of coconuts is extremely soothing thus helping to lower your stress level.

3. Digestion: The saturated fats in coconut oil have anti-bacterial properties that help control, parasites, and fungi that cause indigestion and other digestion related problems such as irritable bowel syndrome. The fat in coconut oil also aids in the absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, making you healthier all around. Try this delicious vegan, creamed spinach recipe.

4. Fitness: Coconut oil has been proven to stimulate your metabolism, improve thyroid function, and escalate energy levels, all of which help decrease your unwanted fat, while increasing muscle. Because of this, coconut oil has shot to popularity by being the world’s only natural low-calorie fat. Sign me up!

5. Healing: When applied on scrapes and cuts, coconut oil forms a thin, chemical layer which protects the wound from outside dust, bacteria and virus. Coconut oil speeds up the healing process of bruises by repairing damaged tissues. Plus, it smells a heck-of-a-lot better than anything from the pharmacy.

6. Hair Care: $20 hair conditioners? I don’t think so! Coconut oil is one of the most nutritious products you can put on your hair. Massage a bit of the oil onto your scalp and presto – no more dandruff. Since it provides the essential proteins required for nourishing damaged hair, it’s used in a ton of over-the-counter hair products anyway. Why not cut to the chase and skip all the unnecessary chemicals? Try applying coconut oil to your hair, wrap it in a towel, leave it in for as long as you can even overnight if possible. Wash it out and enjoy the softness!

via 6 Healthy Uses for Coconut Oil | Care2 Healthy Living.

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