I have been an outgoing, energetic person since childhood. I have been a registered nurse since 1990, and a Mom since 1997. I have always been passionate about everything I do, and everyone in my life. My children, parents and friends are treasures. I enjoy gardening and home renovations especially painting. I like scrap booking and card making. There has been a number of other crafts such as jewelry, folk art painting, and cross stitch. Taking and editing photos is another passion. I have done a number of video slide shows with pictures and video clips.

My greatest passion other than being a Mom and a nurse, is cooking. I love creating a great meal, or fabulous desert. Most of the time I cook to taste, if I am using a recipe, I always change it to how I think it will be enjoyed more by the people I am preparing it for.

In 2005 I sustained a complicated whiplash injury in a car accident, resulting in mild upper cervical subluxation (extra or excessive movement) which then caused muscle spasm in my neck and shoulders and nerve damage. The nerve that is damaged causes a constant, intractable headache. The term that seems to describe it best is “skullbusting”. The pain is worsened with any head and neck movement as well as activities with my arms. Working has not been possible and even basic activities are a challenge. I have spent a great deal of time and money trying to find a solution whether it turned out to be a fix or just some relief I did not care. I just desperately wanted some increase in activity tolerance. Through the years, and the trips I have met some really amazing health practitioners who have given a huge effort to my plea for pain relief. There were a few times when I enjoyed some temporary relief or decrease in severity of the pain, but they each ended, unfortunately.

Fort Lauderdale- Florida, Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland Ohio, and Apollo Hospital in Chennai, India were the big trips, as well as the most diagnostic. Β Discovering the reason or cause of the pain was enlightening, but just not quite enough. It has been a long challenging road. Keeping my spirits up and raising my children amongst it all is the most difficult thing I have face so far in my life.

This past year, I have become extremely tired. Not just sleep deprived tired, but the tired that comes when physical and mental exhaustion is prevalent. I felt like I had run into the last brick wall, run out of options, no more ideas, no more information, and worst of all no more money. HELP!!!

After many tears, a great deal of reading and hours of staring into space I made a decision. I decided that I have never given up before, and now is not the time. I have two incredible children that need and deserve the best that I can offer, teach and provide for them. I have two amazing parents that have stuck with me through everything and all of this. Friends that love me are at my side. Extended family members have been sharing their compassion. It is time to dig into the soul, find the inner strength, and look ahead.

During this time of brewing, and stewing, theoretically digging for strength I was offered a nerve stimulator device implant. The surgeon is right here in my city. It is a fairly new Medtronics device that is working amazing well for people with chronic back pain. They have just recently been using it for the occipital neuralgia that I have, and it has been moderately successful for that as well. It took me awhile to decide if I wanted to try it, because I had concerns about the potential problems with it. Once I did my research and spoke with another surgeon in Cleveland Clinic about his experience with it, I decided to try it. The temporary trial did help. I would have to say that it relieved about half of the pain. I am just waiting for the permanent implant.

Once the permanent nerve stimulator is implanted, and my pain is less, I can then start my rehabilitative physiotherapy, and take my thirteen nursing re-entry classes. This could potentially take me about one to one and a half years to complete, then back to work I go. Won’t that be extraordinary!!

Meanwhile, there is still the issue of “I have run out of money”. While I was drifting around the internet I realized that there is the potential to make money with internet marketing. Even though the market is quite saturated, the number of people shopping online is still increasing, and the phrase “you can not succeed if you do not try” kept running through my mind. I have nothing to lose.

My story of why I am here on this blog: I can try. I have something to offer. The ideas are in my head, and the information is there for the taking. People need to shop. People need to eat. Why not make the food great, fabulous, enjoyable and have fun doing it. I have nothing to lose. I really hope you have something to gain from me!!!β™₯

Marina Beach, Chennai-India

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