More on coconut oil…

The visits on the article that I had re blogged on coconut oil were enough in numbers that there is obviously an interest in the topic. I decided to quickly share a few other, even more informative sites.

I have always enjoyed drinking coconut milk and cooking with it, but I just recently started using the oil. My kids and I really enjoy breaking a coconut and eating it fresh. Ever since we had one on the beach in the Bahamas five years ago it became something we like doing together. Of course the coconuts we buy here are not as fresh as that day on the beach…but better than out of a bag!

coconut picture by Suat Eman (click on image to visit the site)

Annie’s Remedy is a another site with some information on coconut oil, it’s uses and benefits.

Organic Facts also has an article on coconut oil. This article has more detail, and refers to another site with even more scientific data. So, if you are someone like me that like to do some research before trying something new….check it out.

If you want even more uses for coconut oil visit Coconut Research Centre.

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