In my search for remodelling my life plan I have found a role model. Being unable to work has put me in a desperate position. Until now, I have been able to coast therefore cope. Now, the savings is depleted. Therefore it is time to figure out how to create work that I am capable of doing. I aspire to succeed. I need to provide for my children. There is no maybe I should. I have to do this.

My knowledge base has always been around caregiving, healthcare, gardening, cooking, care of the home/house etc. All of these activities need physical labour. My body will not allow me to do this. It is not just the pain that stops me, but the muscles in my neck will not let me. I push it to the limit each and every day. Therefore, a new plan has to be found.

I knew nothing about entrepreneurial, or internet marketing. So, I started clicking and reading. I bought two books – The Zen Of Social Media Marketing by Shama Hyder Kabani, and by Ryan Blair- Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gain. Both books are great reads so far. Once I am finished them I will repost about them.

In my research I have learned a little about Ryan Blair. He is my main role model right now. He is fuelling my aspiration right now. I have nothing to lose by trying this new plan, I am learning so much….the question is will I gain? Will I succeed? Will I be able to make an income to support my family?

Here is a video with Ryan Blair if you are interested.…


About Susan Bachelder aka. zolemia

Susan is a free spirited slightly crazy gal who is passionate about helping people discover their potential. A Dream Whisperer, Purpose Strategist, Lover of Life, Sustainable Fulfillment Coach... Susan seeks to enlighten others with the power to step into their potential, discover their purpose. Her incredible journey of pushing through challenges, past borders is an example of the power of will, strength of soul and the persistence of the human spirit. View all posts by Susan Bachelder aka. zolemia

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