My Thought For the Day:

Today is a new day. The beginning of a new chapter in life where I will be stronger, smarter, and more focused on ME and the priorities in my own life. It’s time. Time to concentrate on myself, for in doing so, I will be better able to love myself and be the person that I am. Approval from others is no longer needed. I know myself, I love myself, and I believe that those who truly know “me” love me too.

Nobody is perfect. Each of us is a unique combination of strengths and weaknesses all wrapped up and tied with a bow. We are our gift to each other. Some choose not to accept this gift, and it is their loss. Treat people with love, respect, and kindness, and that gift will be returned to you a thousand times over. ♥

A very special person sent this to me today, knowing that I am on a new path. She loves me, is cheering me on, and it feels amazing! Thank you Jean! Love you♥

It is truly amazing that a heartfelt message from a someone can lift your spirit to the stars

laughter in color; food for the soul-my Mom and I


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Susan is a free spirited slightly crazy gal who is passionate about helping people discover their potential. A Dream Whisperer, Purpose Strategist, Lover of Life, Sustainable Fulfillment Coach... Susan seeks to enlighten others with the power to step into their potential, discover their purpose. Her incredible journey of pushing through challenges, past borders is an example of the power of will, strength of soul and the persistence of the human spirit. View all posts by Susan Bachelder aka. zolemia

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