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The ART of pumpkin carving « Chicquero

The ART of pumpkin carving « Chicquero.

This Pumpkin carving is amazing. Since it is so close to Halloween you really should have a look at this page. I wish I could carve such incredible displays.

Hands are for Helping

My children are the greatest treasures in my life. They are my reason “why”. I have always been everyone’s caregiver, but for my children it is beyond that-I would go to great lengths to care for them, teach them, provide for them. Preventing pain is just as important as feeding them.

Today and yesterday I could not do that. I could not prevent what happened to my son. I was helpless. What a terrible feeling. I have helped many mothers at the bedside of their children as an ICU nurse. Each of those situations were much worse-and I did find that my most emotional and challenging days. Once I sat right down on the floor with a weeping mother beside the bed of her dying daughter-I just held her, crying right along with her. That was tough, but because I was helping her, it empowered me. Helping people is what makes me tick. I am a simple being.

Although my son’s incident is nowhere near as dire as the mothers I have helped, not life threatening-although there was the potential-I really had a hard time with it. He does not like to fight. He is like me in that he likes to help his people, his friends. He sticks up for them, helps them, listens to them etc. There has been a group of boys trying to get him to fight for a while. They even threatened him with a baseball bat 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, one of these boys insisted that my son fight with him. Even though my son did not want to, when this boy started punching him – he punched back!

He got an older friend to drive him home so that he could wash himself up before I saw him. His mouth is cut up in multiple places, because he has braces, 2 of the brackets came off, so he had to cut the wire. His nose is broken in two places, and his face is swollen in a few places. I will never understand the need or desire for violence.

I realize that he will be fine. That is not the point. I looked after a gentleman once that died from one punch, that knocked him back to the ground. The way that he landed, and how the punch connected with him caused his death. Is the fight really worth that risk???

In the waiting room in the doctor’s office, my son put as his status on Facebook-“in kindergarden we learned-hands are for helping, not for hurting”

I am thankful that my son was not hurt worse. I am proud of him, in how he is handling this. I love my son more than there are stars in the sky. What a precious gift his is!!

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